Sunday, January 8, 2012

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Bad Hotel Alert

NEVER stay at the Double Tree in Midtown Memphis. The property has issues and the staff is lazy. They have forgotten what is important in hospitality. The manager himself is attentive, but when the cats away the mice will play... and the property suffers for it.  Here is a list of problems I experienced.

  1. Poor/Lazy attitude from the house keeping and maintenance
  2. Thin walls without any kind of sound proofing
  3. Less amenities than were advertised
  4. The shower kept breaking
  5. Unlike most Double Tree hotels, you do not receive a cookie each day you stayed, only the night you checked in. (Yes I know this is a small gripe, but those cookies are universally delicious, regardless of what Double Tree you stay at.)
  6. Extremely lumpy, unbalanced beds.  The replacement mattress I was given was actually worse than the first one.  It was dated 2004.  That is a long time for hotel mattresses.  According to my colleague, her mattress was equally uncomfortable.
  7. They concierge and front desk staff laughed when another guest yelled "Get the hell out of my way, bitch," at my travelling partner when her luggage flipped behind her.  Both of them should and would be fired for there reaction in most of the hotels I have worked in.

There were a few other issues, but that covers the issues which were most important to me.  In the past I have abstained from giving negative critiques, however that is going to change now.  If you are going to stay in Midtown (my favorite part of Memphis,) you might want try somewhere else.